Thank you for your interest in my artwork!


Pet Portrait Painting in Acrylic

6”x6”               $225

8”x8”               $250

10”x10”           $300

12”x12”           $350

24"x24"          $625

Add $75 for each additional pet in portrait.

Paintings are created in acrylics and available on wood panel or gallery-wrapped canvas.

Larger and alternative sizes available upon request

Pet Portrait in Collage

8”x8”               $400

10”x10”           $450

12’x12”            $500

24”x24”           $825

20”x20”           $1,100

24”x30”           $1,900

 Add $100 for each additional pet in portrait

Collage created from paper on birch wood cradled panel or gallery wrapped canvas

Larger and alternative sizes available upon request

Additional Subjects Available Upon Request


Payments may be made online via PayPal


1. Send sharp photos of your pet. Send as many as you like at the highest resolution.

2. Take your pet's photo outside in natural light to achieve the natural coloring of your pet.

3. Photograph your pet at eye level. Crouch down to their eye level so that you can see their eye color, shape of nose and mouth.


Email me at with your photos, artwork size you have chosen, painting or collage choice and any information you can share about your pet. I will respond quickly.


I often have a waiting list. Let me know your deadline so that I can secure your space.

Kimberly Minear holds the full and complete copyright and reproduction right to copy, exhibit, publish, display or distribute copies of paintings and the image use on other materials.